Adaptive computational fluid dynamics
MeshConv: Mesh file converter

Meshconv is a mesh file converter. It can be used to convert 3D tetrahedron meshes from and to either of the following formats:

Similar to the rest of Quinoa, meshconv also uses the Charm++ runtime system, however, meshconv is currently not parallelized.

Help on command-line parameters

As usual, use the -h command-line parameter to get on-screen help from an executable. Example output, excluding Charm++ command-line parameters:

$ meshconv -h
meshconv Command-line Parameters:
-h, --help Display one-liner help on all command-line arguments
-H, --helpkw string Display verbose help on a single keyword
-i, --input string Specify the input file
-o, --output string Specify the output file
-r, --reorder string Reorder mesh nodes
-v, --verbose Select verbose screen output

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